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Aaron Nagel  Oakland, CA

Oil on wood panel
'The Calming'
Oil on canvas

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About Aaron

Aaron Nagel was born in 1980 in San Francisco, CA. He is a figurative oil painter who resides in Oakland, CA. Having received no formal training, he is entirely self-taught; a fact at odds with his classical approach to surrealism. In his current work, he explores specific themes of guilt and power, always associated with his views on the perils of organized religion and theism.

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'Eye Contact'




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"MY REVIEWpic a; humanity capturing the universe through biometric intelligence.pic b; breaking out from the piercing target emotions of erotic sex and self edification."

"So imaginative! Had to look twice, I thought they were photographs"

"My bad, type not St Cecilia, but St Theresa. Specifically "The Ecstasy of Saint Theresa" by Bernini."

"There is no hate in this work, do not look at the arrows and think of hate as you first idea. Aaron is very interested in classical works, and the arrows piercing the body is a common icon, as seen with St Sebastian and St Cecilia. Secondly, the nudity is coming from classical works as well. Many painting and sculptures featured nude figures, often idealized, but used to help portray the overall theme in the work. It help turn the work into an allegory, rather than just an everyday person being nude. Some contemporary artists are actually into art history, this is not common so we don't see theme like this often. Some works take study to appreciate the full meaning, don't judge too quickly."

"Look, so there is some nudes in the recent work. The older work is just portraits. A reply for "artisart": these women are NOT "supermodel" pretty, unless you are living in Chemung, Wisconsin. Classical painting, (from which his style has developed) is nothing BUT nudes. If some funbags bother you, maybe show an interest in Abstract Expressionism or the lumpy, angular breasts of Cubism."

"I think they're really rather beautiful. And, to the person underneath me, these women he's painted are real women. They just happen to be real pretty. Sometimes you need a pretty person to emphasize the idea. It's not all just for the looks."

"Well it really does not make any sence- its not evan abstract. But this artist does do faces well."

"ha it is nise to fide it on how did you do it"

"ha it is cool"

"Beautiful technique, beautiful paintings. I get all of the visual references to religion but find myself wondering why all the models are naked women. One earlier comment suggested that it could be about how women fit into the church. I don't really find any indication of this in the small amount of info on the artists website so I'm still left guessing. Assuming these works are largely about his own experience I wonder why are there no men (naked or otherwise). Though the nude female body is beautiful (and has been used throughout the history of art) I can understand why some would be frustrated by yet another depiction of women being afflicted by violence, especially at the hands of a male artist. Knowing more about the artists concept would help."

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