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Zacharie Gaudrillot-Roy  Lyon, France

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About Zacharie

Zacharie Gaudrillot-Roy is an artist who lives and works in Lyon, France. He is a graduate of the école de Condé in Lyon. In his work, he locates himself as a spectator of a distant world, questioning individual place within his environment. His eye brings a confusion between reality and fiction, facing appearance to question the unknown and the void. He uses this contradiction to reflect a derealization feeling, an alteration in the perception of the external world, like living as a stranger in a fake scenery, or being included in it, like a shape amidst other shapes.

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"His works seem inspired by a Salvador Dali view of realism with imagination. I liken the store fronts to a very small reality of what is largely invisible in the daily going-ons behind the scenes."

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