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Vesna Jovanovic  Chicago, IL

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About Vesna

Partly due to my experience with science, and partly due to unusual life circumstances, I am inspired by the intersection of dualities: the unity of opposites and the ways in which they can be integrated or interchanged. This conundrum propels my work and informs my approach to materials and equipment. Whether it involves randomly spilled ink, a homemade pinhole camera, or a double-walled ceramic vessel, my process usually begins with simple materials and some unlikely combination of chance and exactitude.

Although my professional involvement in science was temporary, it caused a personal transformation that continues to manifest itself in my artwork. During my pursuit of chemistry, moments and events gradually acquired names, and the world turned into a language of formulas. But once something could be named, ostensibly explained and broken down, it no longer contained its sublime, powerful anonymity. As a result, and despite my continued love of chemistry, I experienced anguish and a desire to explore the enigmas of life in ways that were not quantifiable.

Instead of serving as a means of self-expression or communication, art began to fulfill the same role chemistry briefly did: it became an avenue of inquisition and discovery. Unlike chemistry however, art’s primary goal seems to lie in revealing questions rather than seeking answers. Prescribed methods and firm ideologies have become meaningless to me; questioning or just experiencing is now more valuable.

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"i don't know what to think other then i love it!"

"The images that are not as recognizable and more abstracted from your website seem the most beautiful and intriguing. Leaving the mind wondering. I'm in Chicago often, would love to see your work."

"this piece is interesting to me and i can see all the different elements in this project"

"Amazing work! Truly beautiful, I love everything on your website!!"

"It's cold. Like the grip of death. Is that what you see? Are those images what lie, burried and unaware, in your mind? It's beautiful because it is strange ang frightening. It seems to symbolize the cruel beauty of life and of death. Interesting."

"Jovanovic's ceramics are structurally innovative and compelling...somehow more interesting to me than the 2-D work."

"Really unique !!"

"I love the evolution of your work. The encounter between science and art, nature and art are fab!"

"Interesting and unique artwork with a lot of variety. I especially enjoyed the "Hybrid" series on the artist site. Good work."

"Top Image; semi abstract. some see breakfast, eggs and kitchen utensils. Others see fertilized eggs, penis and fallopian tubes. Either way not a pretty sight. Bottom; about as stripped down corpse as you can get with a golf club for a right arm! Oh well, once a golfer, always a golfer. Is that the point?"

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