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Tyson Roberts  Sacramento, CA

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About Tyson

Tyson explains his work by saying, “As I visualize nature morphing into fragments of digitized color, the abstract harmony of our environment simultaneously resists. Our ecosystems change, our environments change and we change. I believe my job as a painter is to capture this change as it is occuring. In my work, elements of abstract expressionism, color field painting and spontaneity are merged to form rural and urban scenes that appear to be in constant transition, taking the viewer from what was to what may be. It is through this idea of continual movement by which my paintings suggest that the places we know are always changing whether we are ready or not.”

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"Thanks for establishing this communication. Talking about visual perception is an engaging and exciting effort. You are all great.--Tyson"

"There is nothing digital about nature. The only people who can capture its essence in the way you are trying are those with the ability to create their vision through random/chaotic "feel" movement. Otherwise its just a pick-ture. Suggest live in nature for enough time that the pull of digital tech is muted."

"I agree with the first comment"

"While I appreciate art, I personally do not care for this. I find it juvenile and boring. I do not see what everyone is talking about with the " simplification" being "divine", and the "meaningful, like Picasso". This isn't really comparable to any great artists. I do not find it bold. I realize that most opinons are meant to be constructive criticisms, but my opinion is that I am sure something better could have been found to showcase."

"Tyson --I like these two, and I watched the video on your page. The layers upon layers of semi-opaque wash (that's the technique, yes?) lends it such an ethereal mood, as if you are working with glass, or some such translucent medium. Entropy seems to be a heavy subject to me but, looking at the concept through your work it seems soothing, a progressive gentle downgrade... Using those gentle round brushes really helps the work achieve the impression of movement and transformation that you say you are working at. Glad to have the chance to see your work.Best,Natalia"

"@Jim GibbonsThe "early Impressionists" did not use small dots of color. Pointillism is an offshoot of Impressionism, Seurat inventing the technique in the late 1880's.Anyway, I'd say this work more hints at Cezanne's slabs of color, albiet taken to huge extremes. I like it"

"I really like this work."

"your work is beautifully created you have captured something so complex and simplified it, yet still stayed true to the actual subject,which i believe is very hard to excute, well done."

"I enjoy these. They are soft and easy to look at in their abstractness."

"I love the top picture. Of all the art I've seen on this site, this is the first piece that immediately spoke and moved me. Love the sense of movement yet also stillness in the piece."

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