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Stephen Tompkins  Oceanside, CA

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About Stephen

I love cartoons and I love the idea of seeing what it might look like if a bomb went off inside of a cartoon. I start by drawing fragments of my own stylized/imagined cartoons and then scramble them up as projections on the surface. Rather than focusing on a typical linear subject or character(s), I like to layer these multiple fragments to a degree of absurdity and randomness, layering line color and form in such a way to demonstrate impermanence and transparency of the subject, synchronicity, multiplicity and an implicit violence between form and function.

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"that's awesome"

"This is my kind of art. Something different to see eveery time you look at it. It entertains! It looks alive with movement. Would love to have art work like this. Dynamic!"

"WOW,its chaotic yet..beautiful"

"This work gives me the willies. I love it and hate it. It's beautiful and ugly. What's this guy thinking about? Maybe nothing--maybe everything! He is obviously a very smart person, otherwise he would have been locked away a long time ago."

"His work is very similar to Arturo Herrera's. Very, very similar. So, if you like this, you should check his out."

"hm...there's really no clear direction, which I suppose is the point, but I think that the guy who does photorealistic paintings is heading more in the right direction. It seems that art today is getting more and more jumbled and simple...I guess "jumbled and simple" is kind of an oxymoron, but you get my point."

"When someone paints the same way I view the world, I wonder why I never tried to do it first....its wonderful. Static chaos can be beautiful."

"sometimes a cigar is Not a cigar."

"i agree, really nice pieces of work that capture the imagination :)"

"i also see a lot of hidden pictures. it is wonderful."

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