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Mounir Fatmi  Paris, France

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About Mounir

Mounir Fatmi constructs visual spaces and linguistic games that aim to free the viewer from their preconceptions of politics and religion, and allows them to contemplate these and other subjects in new ways. His videos, installations, drawings, paintings and sculptures bring to light our doubts, fears and desires. They directly address the current events of our world, and serve to both clarify the origins and symptoms of global issues, as well as speak to those whose lives are affected by specific events.

Mounir Fatmi’s work has been exhibited in the Migros Museum für Gegenwarskunst, Zürich, Switzerland, the Museum Kunst Palast, Düsseldorf, Germany, Centre Georges Pompidou, Paris, France, and the Mori Art Museum in Tokyo Japan.

“Ghosting” (left) consists of 4000 VHS tapes, photocopy machines, video projection and wall vinyl text.

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Recommended by our guest curators

Elisa Carmichael

Editor, tasj magazine

"Not only do Mounir's works inject a terrific amount of excitement and vitality into the environment in which they are displayed, the viewer experience is always such an actively edifying and engaging one. I was particularly impressed by Oriental Accident, his March 2012 solo at Lombard Freid Projects in New York - the atmosphere created by the show's eponymous piece was electrifying and highly effective."

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"not for me . dislike it ."

"pic a; wild generosity of electronic prints to telecommunicationpic b; liche's idea of print methodology for telecommunication."


"i have seen this somewhere else. very creepy to me"

"I dig the use of all those obsolete VHS tapes... or did the rest of you miss that?"

"The copy machines could represent our days repeating themselves, but do we use the copy machines or do they use us? We become so comfortable in repetition that our lives becomes some undiscribable mess. All black and white with repeating emotions. The tape is climbing the wall, settling into ours minds as we relax. knowing full well what is ahead of us we settle more and more. First going to our 8 hour jobs then we begin always eating and going to the same places, seeing the same people, ect.Untill we are buried in the generic. Until we become the machines."

"eww!!! and the copy machines represent the fact that so many people copy the the things in the media such as "gangsta rappers" and such and as well as most religions have a predetermined temperament that there followers are expected to adhere to or wait for it COPY!!!!"

"To me this represents how the media has basically taken over our world! The media has such an impact on the way we think and even act. I know some of you will laugh and say this guy is crazy but hey thats cool! When I first looked at this picture I thought to myself this looks like the evil black stuff that had taken over spiderman in the 3rd movie, and that even gives me ground to stand on when I say the media has an effect even on the way we we view things. so to me this black tape represents how evil the media has become and how it is taking our minds over!! and some religions are training children as we speak to be suicide bombers, among other things of witch or warlock I am unaware. please leave feedback to my view!"

"I think it means that people are copying what has already happened in the past. He is comparing the tapes to life and the photocopy machines to people. Everything that happens today is just copying what happened yesterday. There is not much change in life. Life is simply repeating what has already been written down."

"i like it very much even though it is something regular it is still unique in a way"

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