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Hollis Brown Thornton  Aiken, SC

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About Hollis Brown

VHS represents outdated things that are still around””like ideas or beliefs that no longer serve their original purpose””and the difficulty we sometimes have getting rid of them. And, the movies””they’re our way of telling stories, our modern myths and heroic adventures.

These ideas weave into my overall theme of “The Earth on the Back of the Giant Turtle,” a reference to a Native American creation myth. It relates to how the beliefs or values of one culture or time period are going to change or be completely obsolete in the future and how our relationship with reality changes, with that reality becoming more and more of a virtual or digital one today. The use of markers in the original drawings lightens up these themes, giving them a bit of youth and pizzazz.

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"it is beautiful...! very beautiful"

"Interesting . . ."

"Ha ha! This looks like my closet shelf! Aw, I'm all nostalgic for the '80s now. Great work!"

"In my opinion, this artists body of work is seriously lacking a level of craftsmanship I expect to see. If I had been told these pieces had been done in a high school art class I would be impressed and excited to watch the artist grow over their career. Unfortunately that is not the case here."

"The VHS work really hit home when I saw it this morning - been thinking about it all day. The drawing is amazing and no way "self-indulgent" !!I love it when art reflects life in a quirky way. I'm moving, and last night I was going through boxes of things that were never unpacked after the last move. One of the boxes was full of VHS tapes of shows that at the time seemed so significant, but now, just a few years later are not only outdated in content but also in format. Wonder what other things I'm hanging on to that I need to let go???"

"Not my cup of tea."

"Boring found art. Walk into any thrift store and those who appreciate this will be greeted with a gallery of "fine art"."

"I've got more tapes you csn take pictures of, funnystuff."

"Looks like my garage"

"I think what I meant to say is:Old tapes and books are easy to get rid of, whereas the stories they contain don't go away so easily. That's because we hold on to them, thinking they will bring us some kind of "youthfulness", "lightness", or "pizzazz" or some other thing we feel we have lost and hope we can recapture. Maybe the myths never did bring us any of that, they never did serve their purpose. Our dysfunctional ideas and beliefs never gave us what they promised and they still don't. Unfortunately we hold on to them hoping one day they'll bring us back to the "good old" days that never were."

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