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Mark Andrew Bailey  Portland, OR

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About Mark Andrew

Mark Bailey was born in 1982 into a family of art appreciators who encouraged creativity. He began to draw at a young age and went on to attend the Academy of Art University in San Francisco. Bailey”s paintings record his diverse surroundings in an abstracted, painterly fashion”from people he meets to ordinary things he sees around him. His cityscapes and urban interiors reproduce the glow and bustle of city life, while his portraits might suggest a compelling story behind every face.”

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"Mark is the new Manet and Monet of his time.Michael Hanley"

"pic a; sharing the fun of mutual bondingpic b; memory of a dedicated service rendered for the leisure of others."

"Very interesting. Good job!"

"This piece on the top says to me that our society is predictable."

"Love the first."

"This is remind me with Edward Hopper painting style. It feels alive."

"This is awesome Mark! This is a great sample of how incredible your work is!"

"how did the artist get the people to hold still so long?"

"Great classic technique from the artist, but the particular bar/restaurant featured in the paintings reminded me of a few overpriced places I've eaten where the food wasn't to great, thus making it hard to enjoy the painting itself. Then again, I'm not a professional critic, so, if this is your thing mr. artist, keep rockin on."

"I like the color and the emotion from those painting. The control of tone also inspire me."

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