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Jeff Demetriou  Atlanta, GA

'Overture #8'
Acrylic, pencil, ink, paper on panel
'Overture #2'
Acrylic, pencil, ink, paper on panel

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About Jeff

Jeff Demetriou is an Toronto based abstract artist who is known for his highly conceptual and large-scale mixed media works. Jeff has shown across Atlanta and London and his work is a part of the collections of the High Museum of Art, Bank of America, Turner Broadcasting, Coca Cola, and Suntrust.

You can also see Jeff’s work in publications such as New American Paintings, Art News and Art Papers.

Recommended by our guest curators

Tracey M. Hawkins

Curator / Art Professor

"Echoing the detritus society leaves in its wake, layers of visual pentimenti rise to the surface in Demetriou’s provocative abstract compositions. Visually and conceptually multi-layered, Demetriou’s paintings defy interpretation and must be returned to time and again, as they reveal something new upon each viewing."

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'Penciled In'


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"to ron d: if you go to his website and click on works, then an individual work, it'll say the materials on the bottom, like "acrylic, pencil, ink, paper on panel""

" a moment of clarity in an otherwise blurred world.........."

"Using the viewfinder as an element is interesting. Sometimes it leads the viewer's eye and sometimes it provides movement. For all the artist's interest in reflecting on nature, there was not even a tree in his paintings. Don't miss the "Woman" portfolio."

"Its really neat...makes me think of spies and stuff! Real cool to look at but i wish it had more colors but that is my opinon! The artist may have a reason for the blacks and whites! :)"

"I really like the style of these."

"Something about it draws me in I know one thing it would look great in my apt."

"I'd buy these works of art and put it up in my office. Well, if I had an office. lol"

"To all of those above: ?The moment you think you understand a great work of art, it's dead for you.? Oscar Wilde"

"Some create out of a sense of overwhelming dread and lack of hope. There is a darkness about the works published here. Is it possible the artist feels we need to warn his viewers. As Americans we often feel as though we are untouchable, a sense of false security. Could the artist be using the cross hairs to demonstrate another perspective, an outsiders view looking in? Are we a target? Whether this is his intention or not remains undisclose, all in all, he prompts us to ponder his purpose."

"I enjoy the first one. I like the feel and look of it. I'm considering making it my background."

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