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Rebecca Cairns  Toronto, ON, Canada

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About Rebecca

Rebecca Cairns is a fine arts photographer who is currently working out of Toronto, Canada. She is studying creative photography in her second and final year of college.

Over the past two years, her ongoing series of self-portraits have developed into a body of work which explores the aspects of irony, movement and time; subconsciously developing into her finding and creating her own identity.

Her self-portraits are haunting and desolate explorations of personal spaces and intimate environments. She uses her subject’s body positions to reflect the unique spaces that she creates through her work.

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"almost shows discouragement and insecuraties."

"Her mask work is reminiscent of a photographer named Mary Barczak - she does fairytale depictions through paper masks. I like the overall collection, however all of the pictures feel the same. Perhaps a variation in after processing would help varry the artwork"

"This is dark and sexy."

"Te felicito, me encanta tu trabajo, ademas pienso que es un buen concepto el del autorretrato que es parte del arte clásico o antiguo a través de lo moderno de la expresión artística de la fotografía"

"it really bothers me how all the pictures are of herself, since for my own opinion, pictures tend to tell stories of uknown people and different situations, and you can imagine the contextbut in her case is just weird to see her face in every single picture, i feel that even if the photograph is good the magic of it is lost"

"I agree with Bill, art needs no definition or formal explanation. Fine art exists to do simply that. Exist! Just as people should. Why struggle with the meaning of something, instead of enjoying it's presence. Whatever emotion it evokes in you is yours, & it should be cherished. If only for a moment."

"I truly love the emotion your photos provoke, along with your lighting and use of black and white photography."

"i love this first work! increadible positioning!!"

"Yes, La Luz, you have seen this before---from Francesca Woodman. But, I don't point that out to say Ms. Cairns is simply "copying." There are many similarities, but Rebecca is starting to make these her own. Keep in mind she is a student. Too many people expect instant success. If Woodman was indeed an inspiration, I applaud Rebecca for finding Woodman's work and making an effort to understand it. I hope, Rebecca, that you stick around this Earth a lot longer than Ms. Woodman did."

"I have the pleasure of owning some of Miss Cairns work, and am planning on obtaining more. It is extremely unique, and a great addition to any art collection."

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