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Allison Reimus  Chicago, IL

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About Allison

I have always been fascinated by ornamentation and its purpose within the domestic interior. Some people consider function and usability to be the most important features of household objects, while others rely heavily on decoration for decoration’s sake. For the latter, does the purely decorative then become a necessity, making it functional, or is it strictly a psychological frivolity” And how do we distinguish one from the other”

My work references the domestic interior, the human psyche and the act of painting through the manifestation of such questions; not meant as a definitive answer, but a mere attempt to try and understand how painting, as act and object with intellectual and cultural purposes, fits into the scheme. Through formal and spatial considerations, I hope to simultaneously question the notions of painting as decorative object and also as an idea, capable of transforming a surface into something other than what can be defined by its physical properties.

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"Can hardly call the site atrocious. ...even her paintings display the spacial instincts of a graphic designer."

"These seem to be more about decoration than they are just plain decorative. I am going to assume that at her level of education, she is beyond making work that is decorative for decoration's sake. They seem to be questioning their source, much like her statement suggests. Perhaps a "direct representation" of the question itself? If that is at all possible. Great work. They are making me ponder larger questions about painting."

"I'm more of a form follows function type of person; I am not a fan of applied ornamentation. I would believe an object's appearance should be a direct representation of its physical makeup. We disregard objects and their own inherent design through the application of decoration. That said, my subjective opinion is merely that. Kudos for puitting it out there for all."

"whoa, jojo, you're being awful tough! while the artist's name and its graphic could be stronger, I don't believe the site qualifies as atrocious. that's pretty strong a word and should be reserved for truly BAD sites. this one is simple, allows the work to be highlighted and is not riddled with non-pertinent information or graphics. likewise, her statement uses clear statements void of awt-tawk. and the paintings seem on point with the statement. i'm thinking she shows a good deal of maturity and reserve all around."

"jojo- Are you serious? Did you read her statement? She is a painter, not a "digital graphic designer". Who cares what the website looks like anyway? Having said that, keep up the great work Allison."

"the artist's website is atrocious, especially considering she does digital graphic design!!"

"I can totally relate to the artist's statement. I fall into the second camp, desiring my surroundings to be aesthetically pleasing. It calms the spirit and soothes the soul :)Great work, Allison."

"I love it!! The patterns, shapes and colors are very pleasing to the eye. :)"

"Simple, but not too extreme in its statement."

"There's a simplicity to your statement I can appreciate and a calm ambiance to the work."

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