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Nora Sturges  Towson, Md

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About Nora

My recent paintings depicts arctic landscapes at the edge of human habitation. They offer evidence of man’s attempts to measure, tame, live in and understand his world within the unknowable vastness of nature itself. Are we looking at the end of something or the beginning of something else”

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"Kinda.....sad. But I still love the work;)"

"These are a very cool mixture of lanscapeing, modling, and painting, I have never seen this style before."

"soooooo.... weird but also enterestin"

"I feel at peace when looking at the paintings. Very Nice!"

"Desolate and drab - the detail work is excellent however....the movement from shadow to light is very nice as well..."

"Breath taking !"

"Why do I love these pictures? Human race has passed through 24 ice ages receding and re-visiting. We, the descendants of survivors, have memories, which are evoked by these beautiful pictures. Memories are the best subject of art, music, poetry."

"I agree: it's beautiful, but so cold and desolate, just like the north i know, where I was born and raised. It's very powerful, but it makes you feel lonely."

"Beautiful work Nora!The feeling that these bring out in me personally are of a comfortable 'void like' substance. In these times of chaos in my life - I wish I lived in one of them!Good Job!"

"I don't know, they leave me a little cold."

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