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Dan Bergeron  Toronto, ON, Canada

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About Dan

A series of site-specific, portrait-based works that combines the abrasive charm found in the distressed surfaces of modern cities with the intimate familiarity of the prominent features of the human face. As the walls and surfaces of the city define its physical character and spatial identity, the faces of its inhabitants provide the city with its personality, disposition and magnetism. The fusion of these two entities will simultaneously expose the frailty, while conversely exploring the idea that beauty truly lies in the scars, wrinkles and blemishes of places we live and people we meet.

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"(C'est) Formidable!! Love your portraits, and how you confront modern day issues and convey this message in your pieces..."

"I'm inclined to say I not only like it, but I am isnspired by it. Lots of faces have passed by these walls,(they would tell you if they could talk) kind of sad, too -Emotionally, not artistically- Nice Work!"

"i find this one of my favorite pieces of artwork because it speacks the truth about humans this piece reminds my of what art really is!!!"

"Wonderful and more importantly, interesting balance of both real and perceived imagery. The medium provokes an almost 3 dimensional response from the viewer. You quite literally have a 'revolutionary' style 'coming out of the woodwork!"

"It's a face, on a wall. Woohoo.I did like The Unaddressed and Billbored section of his site though."

"Innovative and daring, keep it up!"

"its really really cool. I like stencil graffiti art, and your is pretty unique."

"These works do nothing for me. They remind me old worn out billboards."


"Love & Light to you.Your work is inspiring!!You have truly captured the diversity of our culture through your Faces of the City,Please give me permission to scan the images. I would like to frame them and put them on my "Family Wall," so that my family and friends can appreciate your talent."Kudos to you for your continual success."

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