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Robert Bellm  Seattle, WA

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About Robert

I have been doing art since I was little, like a lot of artists I started out with crayons on the walls. So far I have experimented with many different techniques and mediums, Silk screen, acrylic painting, sculpture, wood, cardboard, spray paint, computers and the list goes on. I feel that my strength is my creative vision, the ability to create art that is not limited to the medium but has its strength in its finished form. In the finished form, the look, message and reaction that it produces is effected by the medium, but does not necessarily rely on that medium. That the art speaks to people, makes people think and makes them feel my intent.

The reason why I do it is to make a difference, not necessarily to try to change the world, but to be a voice that speaks to people through my art. But of course I do it for myself. Its my cup of coffee in the morning and my warm milk before I go to bed. It helps me get up in the morning and it is what relaxes me and allows me to to sleep at night.

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"i like all the pastel colors you put into your paintings"

"refreshingly original!"

"Fantastic work, thank you."

"Great work... keep going with it!"

"I like the mix of patterns, colors and objects that make the picture "pop". You don't look at the picture and say, "Oh, that's a nice picture of "_________". You have to look at the picture as a whole, step back and then examine each component and then put it back together again. Nice"

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