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Tine De Ruysser  Antwerp, Belgium

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About Tine

Tine is a jewellery designer by training. Her first degree at the Royal Academy of Fine Art in Antwerp taught her jewellery techniques, there she also learned how to design conceptual work. She then went on to the Royal College of Art in London where she finished her MA in 2001. During her two years there, she invented an innovative folding material: a combination of metal and textiles.

Her PhD research is a further development of the material she invented during her MA. She is investigating production methods and folding patterns as well as the design possibilities for wearables (jewellery, accessories and jewellery-fashion hybrids).

Tine enjoys making work in those two different ways: either reacting conceptually to a brief, or creating flexible folding objects as beautifully as possible.

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"When someone told you to show me the money...You did it!! Very Cool!!"

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"....folding money..;now where did i put my copy machine?...not much risk or originality if you made a nice big kite out of hundreds and flew it up about a half a mile in the sky.....that would show some creative risk....happy crafting......."

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