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Sergio A. Delgado  Dallas, TX

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About Sergio A.

I strive to create images that will engage the viewer and evoke a deep emotional response. As my evolution as a photographer and artist continues, my goal is to create images that are both aesthetically captivating and thought provoking.

The narrative is the most important aspect of my art. The juxtapositions and ironies of life intrigue me. I strive to explore the unexplainable and continue to struggle in exposing hidden emotions through art. I use texture, shapes, shadow, and light to convey a message and find meaning for myself. I find beauty flawed and perfection nonexistent. The human body is an endless source of inspiration for me. I see the human figure as the most ideal subject we have in art. My work is about the beautiful and the hideous. Incongruity and ambiguity are present in my life and my art work.

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Annie Vought

Oakland, CA artist

"He activates the spaces he photographs. Creating emotional landscapes or maps. They have a humorous darkness."

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9 reactions displayed

"Love your work. Love the two pieces I own too!! ;)"

"I love your work. The hotel piece is one of my many favorites."

"Dude, I love this! I remember the Hotel shoot, too."

"I'm a big fan of Sergio's work. He has created many striking and beautiful images."

"I had not seen the first photo awesome piece! But the rest are among my favorites in his collection!"

"I definitely love the hotel picture. Love how it shows the life of the room that so many people use and dont stop to wonder what went on before they got there."

"hmm, is the first image a rip of Magritte?"

"The first piece is very striking! Lovely words on your work, it is much appreciated."

"I like the hotel idea. Made me think about all the individual people who've inhabited that impersonal hotel room before me."

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