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Sioban Lombardi  Chicago, IL

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About Sioban

Sioban Lombardi is a painter living and working in Chicago. She is creator and author of the blog, Art & Thinking, which mixes personal musings on art, contemporary culture, and her own experience. She served as a Board Director for Refuge Center for Artists and was a founding member of Margin Art Collective. Lombardi spent the last two years completing her MFA at Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, New York.

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"wow!!! check out her website!!! she is particularly good at trees!!! i love the one with the boy and the trees with yellow at the bottom!!! good works!!"

"How disconnected it all is and yet all in the same vein isn't it?"

"The second one captures me more than the first. I feel the introspective thinking of the male in painting. Dark, symbolic."

"Looks like art"

"The torment of disorder and indecision!"

"This picture does not inspire or uplift. To see, feel, experience hell on earth, all I have to do is to walk down the street and be confronted by 25 beggars or watch the latest news. On the other hand,to really feel uplifted and taken out of the daily reality that is hell, does happen in art. For me great art should be inspiring and at the same time BEAUTIFUL. It really can be done!"

"Love the color palette and the athmosphere. Remind me of the German painters, very nice, I love it.I absolutely love your work, Sioban! Congrats!"

"I agree; this may be better in person. Verydifficult to see. I see xxxs in the sky? Theface of the man in the foreground could be a Kennedy?!"

"theres a guy in the painting"

"I love how any detail of the surroundings that might possibly take away any of your focus, from the subjects, have been swirled away into a dark cloud of nothingness. A post-apocalyptic feel... as though they are standing on nothing (a swirl of ashes, maybe?) and four of them look as though they are floating and looking out into an abyss, trying to see what lies ahead. While one man stays behind to touch & feel & maybe make sense of where they are or were. Captivating"

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