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Eileen Doughty  Vienna, VA

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About Eileen

I love the concept of “place” and so my preferred subject matter is the landscape. The tactile nature of quilts is explored and celebrated in my art.Currently my work focuses on exploring what makes textile art so unique from much other fine art media: texture, freedom of shape of my “canvas” (using non-rectangular perimeters) and employing three rather than two dimensions. My quilts have been exhibited in numerous quilt and art shows, and at corporate venues. They are in private, government and corporate collections in the United States and Japan.

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"Very well designed!"

"Love the colors and the spin she give to nature's already natural beauty is wonderful."

"These are lovely...I quilt and have been doing other dimensions more and more. Thank you."

"I think your trees and landscapes are your most beautiful work. Your connection to the earth really comes through. I especially love the pieces that show the roots and soil. These are so moving for me, they express so much life energy and the roots lend literal and figural depth. I also love the depth of field you created in Wildcat Mountain (Tell Me and I'll Kiss You) and Mount Rainier: White Knuckles. These pieces convey the kind of awe of natural settings that I feel and search for in art. You are creating fine art with fiber and your medium allows a unique texture and depth that is enchanting."

"I love your use of color, and the depth and scale- especially on the triptych witht the flowing river. There's something about seeing an image continue on a seperate piece..."


"AMAZING! Beautiful work! What a lovely flow of color. Something I have always wanted to learn to do-art quilting. You are definitely a master."

"beautiful fabric choices~ eyes responsive to colors & shapes.thank you!"

"i think these are amazing!"

"It is beautiful both in material and meaning. It has a lovely aesthetic feel to it and it's amazing how you have given nature that sort of a form."

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