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Otto Lange  Athens, GA

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About Otto

Otto Lange hesitates to describe his work as art in the current climate wherein everything can be considered art. He defines his self-imposed set of parameter simply as a respect to craftsmanship, chemistry, and aesthetic beauty. ‘I don’t have much of a religious, political, social or moral agenda’, he maintains. ‘I change my mind too often to stick with any one philosophy’. His paintings depict the absurdities he perceives in everyday life. They are exhibited across the United States.

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"The term "disturbing" comes up a lot when describing the top painting, but I see passion. A passion for emotional expression, and perhaps there is a disturbing struggle between the two sides of the man in the painting. I like it! Especially after viewing the artist's website and other works."

"Strange, wondrous strange."

"The soup can reminded me of Andy Warhol. I reaaly like the art"

"it's evocative, if maybe a little disturbing at times, but very relate-able and emotionally driven."

"Beautiful and strange"

"At first when I looked at it, I was confused. And I don't fully understand the meaning of it, but I most definitely love it."

"Didn't Warhol say, "Art is what you can get away with"? This guy didn't get away with much besides finding a Bruce Willis look-alike. Skill? Maybe. Sensibility? Not much."

"well if you are not an artist..i guess you must be a fry cook...really like your pan you do cheese cake?"

"A naked lady on a can of soup, and to fags fighting over a peice of licorice. This artist has too much time on his hands."

"All though this is an interesting body of is NOT the type of work I enjoy.Technically this is a very strong painting and I do appreciate the artistic rendering.I prefer Impressionist and similar types of work for the soft feelings.This type of work is to objective for me."

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