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Jason Levesque  Chesapeake, VA

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I have never looked for meaning in my work. The things i draw have always been, in my mind, simply for aesthetic appeal. I often find myself categorized with pinup and erotic artists. I think in this category, artists are not expected to create meaning. I’ve been told my work evokes different emotions in different viewers. Ultimately I think that is what art is supposed to be. If I create an image and display it, at that point every viewer is an owner. What the image means to them or how they relate to it is up to them. Art can be very personal and i wouldn’t want to tell someone what to see in my art.

As for the erotic aspect of my work I find my work pretty softcore as the scene goes. I’ve been linked up by many a sex blog labeling my art as erotic, so if that is what the internet says, it must be so. Last year I illustrated a cover for Boston’s “WeeklyDig”, the cover portrayed a girl “hog tied” in saran wrap. The image was playful in nature, but the paper was blasted for “condoning violence against women”. In the following month syndicated columnist, Dan Savage defended my work saying that the playful nature of the illustration suggested a consensual act. He went on to say that that the interpretation of such art is often very telling of the viewer. I believe this to be true.

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