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Thibaut Romaggi  Paris, France

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About Thibaut

Thibaut Romaggi is a digital photographer based in Paris, France. His process is to wander with his camera around uninhabited places, never too far from the sea, in search of objects and atmospheric moments to capture.

Romaggi’s portfolio includes eerie images of haunted woods and distant planets. Most of his images have been digitally modified: cut, colored, re-assembled. And occasionally, he says, ‘I just let everything in [its] place.’

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"i love them both, but the second is my favorite! the staircase is very mysterious; its extremely beautiful"

"I hope everyone took the time to go the website. Absolutely stunning work! I rate everything I see on Artist a Day and I'm not an easy rater. I gave this artist a solid 5!"

"sooooooo cooooolll!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

"Wow i love both of these pictures. The top one says so much and the bottom one is so intriguing and mysterious! Beautiful."

"I love both of these as I am a sea lover. And a misty woods otherworldly lover lol"

"cool.... :D"

"I REALLY want ot climb those stairs. Cacilia09"

"Very good:]"

"I LIKE THE FACT THAT THE LADY ON THE BEACH IS; I BELIEVE, GIVING THE MAN, THE SPACE HE NEEDS. Some people should learn to do this without "fault" every know and then."

"excellent exposure, excellent capture, excellent appeal."

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