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Chris Yormick  New York, NY

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About Chris

Chris Yormick is an artist currently living in New York City. He lived his teenage years in Washington D.C doing teenage things. Chris has shown his work in galleries and on walls in lands near and far. He also pushed a mouse around for clients such as DefJam, S Footwear, and Skateboarder Mag., Chris has since ditched the computer and finds serenity in the brushes, paint and what-have-you’s.

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"i wanted to give you some criticism on this piece. The composition is kind of confusing for the eye, it's hard to find the focal point, I think it would help if that block of brown on the bottom right wasn't so dark. Otherwise, it's an interesting piece."

"I had emailed Chris Yormick, via a address on his site, it was a dead e-address- chrisyormick@hotmail.comtymltk."

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