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Ray Caesar  Toronto, ON, Canada

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About Ray

Ray Caesar was born in 1958 in London. His family moved to Toronto when he was young, and he still lives there now. He received his BFA from Ontario College of Art.

Following his studies, he worked for seventeen years in the art and photography department of the Hospital for Sick Children in Toronto, documenting disturbing cases of child abuse and surgical reconstruction, and performing animal research. His experiences at the hospital are a constant presence in his work.

His greatest artistic influences are Kahlo and Dali. But unlike them Caesar creates his work entirely in Maya, 3D modeling software that he mastered while working in animation. His work has been exhibited worldwide and was in 1999 nominated for a Primetime Emmy for Outstanding Special Effects.

Recommended by our guest curators

Brooke Shaden

Los Angeles, CA artist

"Ray Caesar is bold and imaginative, a combination that can easily draw someone in with the placement of the right color or a subject that is altogether unique. His subjects seem powerful and present, as if they are about to jump off the page and engage the viewer in battle. That might seem to be a strange thing to say about very feminine female characters, but simply in the way they stand or the expression on their faces they seem to hold stories that beg to be told."

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"so sinister!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

"Beautiful and moving , I can see the Kahlo influence in his work."

"i like"


"OMG... The AADay selection of Mr. Cesar's work is by far one the most disturbing works on this site. It made my skin crawl."

"makes me cringe."

"Its about holding onto your childhood perhaps? The time when all of the secrets of the universe are known and yet unknown by innocents like an ashen girl with a timepiece."


"Both pictures invoke compassion"


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