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Jonathan Andrew  Amsterdam, The Netherlands

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About Jonathan

Jonathan Andrew was born in Manchester, England, and is currently based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

His portfolio comprises advertising commissions, design and editorial clients, and personal projects. He endeavors to maintain a balance between the critical demands of commercial shoots and the peaceful solitude of photographing landscapes.

Andrew has received several merits and nominations for his work, most notably from the International Color Awards and the Fuji/Association of Photographers.

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Jim Kazanjian

Portland, OR artist

"In Jonathan Andrew's WW2 bunker series, the contrast between the dilapidated, abandoned structures and his polished photographic technique is very effective. The images fluctuate between the eerie and beautiful."

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"I don't understand it. I guess I just don't have the education to understand this kind of deep art. It must have some kind of important meaning that is lost on me. I guess iam not a kind of sensitive type of guy. It seems ok to me, i don't think my sister-in-law would like it, she mostly has pictures of bowls of fruit. I think she would call this art for people with lofts."

"Makes me think about the places in time that we all have hidden somewhere in the small part of the back of our minds on a cold afternoon. I lost a key once and then it turned up at my neighbors card party, it was across from a building like the second photo. All the snow makes everyone think about a better warmer place. Thats why this art makes me think about being positive, and not being out in the cold."

"Creative & evocation chiaroscoro of starkness"

"I think these photographs are absolutely beautiful. There's nothing depressing about it. My belief is that if you can find beauty in the simple and barren, you will find joy in chaos."

"I love them! They create a darkness, like something will happen."

"Oh I get it, something up lifting, a little sunshine for the soul. Yes art has a wonderful way of making it all better. These two works make me feel all warm and fuzzy inside."

"Very good."

"They're wonderful pictures of an important time in history. I feel bad that buildings like this are vandalized by people. I believe that things like this, like all pieces of history should be restored.Also if anyone is curious the larger portion of the damage is from the lack of restoration to preserve the site. An unfortunate fate for such an eventful time in history. Too many people forget that these things should be remembered."

"so cold - just read a novel about the Leningrad winter during WWII and this makes me think of it."

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