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Thomas Scott  New York, NY

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About Thomas

Thomas Scott is an emerging realist painter. Working within the areas of portraiture and still life, he explores the dynamics of the emotional vs. the physical. What at first may appear as subtle and humble, the subject he chooses, eventually becomes a psychological essay of his visualized world. Scott regards the artists that have influenced him most to be from the usual suspects of old masters to those more contemporary to him such as Pietro Annigoni and Antonio López García.

Scott’s process involves working directly from life, whether with a model (including himself), or with still life objects dismissed as castoffs. He often struggles with his anticipation of execution and doesn’t feel comfortable with his subject until well into the painting. It is in that sublime moment of revelation that he finds the compelling underpin of his work.

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"nice work mate!greetings from Colombia...hope to meet you soon"

"Your work is very good. Colors are superb-especially the still life. I'd take time to look at your exhibits anytime they were available."

"Such skill!!Personally I like art that doesn't have a story given to you. I like to think the work of art is limitless. The different textures represented in 1st are amazing!And love that guy's lips."

"this dude is so awesome in being an artist that i ONE of my dreams in life and i hope that i will be able to do the amazing things that Thomase does!*"

"Evocative is in the eye of the beholder.Be still and hear the artist's music."

"Yes, your abiltiy to paint is exceptional but lacks subject continuity, there is no sentiment. Commenting on the piece I am seeing, I just don't get a sense of connectivity or of anyhting other than, yes, he's a good painter with cool ideas but no story."

"You really do have impeccable technique... So why not choose to say more with the subject matter you choose to paint? Don't get me wrong here, it's great... But if you chose a subject that was evocative or had some kind of storytelling element to it, this would be phenomenal..."

"i really love your work, it's realistic but reeks of emotion. i wish you were in portland OR, so you could teach me something about painting realistically. really, great work."

"WOW !!!!!!"

"Hey man it is good to see you on here... great works!"

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