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Susan Dory  Seattle, WA

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About Susan

Susan Dory creates complexity through the repetition of a single element. She builds her paintings with many layers, painting, pouring, masking, and pay particular attention to the negative space created by the painted forms.

Using capsules shapes, Dory explores their possibilities—docking, lodging together, interlocking in groups, floating freely, and tunneling through space. The capsule shape itself is fascinating in the way it can be deconstructed. Remove its curved ends and all that remains is two parallel lines, like an equals sign. Whereas removing the parallel lines leaves the two curved ends, like parenthesis, or a departure in a body of text or an insertion of a symbolic unit, she explains.

Dory has won numerous awards and grants. Her work is exhibited extensively across the United States.

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Mary Iverson

Seattle, WA artist

"Susan’s work explores the infinite possibilities offered by one simple shape. I appreciate how she builds complexity out of simplicity in her work by using repetition, overlap, and transparency."

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"This looks sooooo cooolllll."

"it trippy! i like it alot:) cool to look at"

"Love how the colors combine and how my eyes move. Thanks!"


"This art reminds me of the wall paper i once saw in a German mcdonalds. this art is making me hungry for french fries"


"i like this,i like it in a colorful way(smile). no really i like it because when i look at it i see fashion and i think "i would love to have a dress like that". it also reminds me of that retro 50's pattern feel. not that i'm "that old"but i've been around,and i've seen enough tv."

"As Nancy Guppy said in a video from the artist's website, "... retro and contemporary at the same time." I like artwork that asks something of the viewer, that invites them to look and engage deeper and beyond the first glance. This artwork does exactly that. Though the artist's site is dominated by the "capsules" work, I also enjoyed the New Paintings 2010 category with its exploration of or nod to work akin to Action Painting. They are an intriguing, engaging sidestep from the generally more serene capsule works. Keep growing and sharing with the rest of us, thanks."


"i love the colors it is so colorful"

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