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Escha van den Bogerd  Wellington, New Zealand

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About Escha

Escha van den Bogerd was born in The Hague, Holland, and started painting at the age of 3. In The Hague,she attended the Rudolf Steiner school, a school where she studied many disciplines including painting, drawing and art history. After leaving school Escha studied art in Florence, Italy, Salzburg, Austria and her home country Holland.

Inspiration comes from many different things including the old masters Caravaggio, Rembrandt and Da Vinci. She is also influenced by movies set in olden times and places like Venice, Florence, and the Middle East. Her inspiration can also come from people, experiences good or bad and simply just life itself can create new emotions on the canvas.

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"I need to see more, wow. I cant stop watching. I say watching because this women you paint seems so real. They live on the canvas. Love your work."

"hi all, thanks for your kind comments you can see more on my websitehttp://eschasgallery.exto.nlescha"

"I really enjoyed the first depiction of a woman lying on a couch...very sensuous, very provacitive. The second depiction of a woman is athletic, training, a goal in mind, perhaps towards the light? This is wonderful femninismn and I hope the artist continues with such expression!"

"These are beautiful"

"Absolutely breathtaking."

"I really like the way you have handled the two nudes above. Congratulations!I am an artist working in South Africa and also paint nudes, amongst other things, so I do know how difficult painting the human form is.I think you really have a feeling and understanding for and of the subject. Well done!"

"love the stories these paintings can tell, and despite the fact that the faces aren't visible, there is definately a strong emotion about them."

"stunning, masterful. where can i see more of your work? or larger pictures?"

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