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Andrew Myers  Laguna Beach, CA

2,500 screws, oil paint, and phonebook pages
'We Don’t Belong in the Shadows 1'
Screws, oil paint, and phone book pages

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About Andrew

Andrew Myers was born in Braunshweig, Germany and raised in Ciudad Real, Spain. His exposure to modern continental living and classical architecture has prompted him to use traditional as well as modern themes. He received a BFA from the Art Institute of Southern California.

While Myers remains influenced by European art, but he attributes his formal training to his degree in the United States, which provided him with the working knowledge he needed to pursue art as a career.

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"Like it......Is he screwed????"


"Wow! Full definition of true art. Honest, talented, creative, expressive, and new. Very cool."

"Beautiful. This artist represents what is today a far too rare combination: talent, technical ability, creativity, and expression."


"Unique>Talent>skills>Power of soul>>>"

"whooo.... interesting!"

"regarding medium: It's essentially a sculpture made of screws (yes it is "3D" and even more amazing in person). I think it is oil paint on the tips of the screws, which is really incredible. Notice that there isn't a single glob of paint in the head of any of the screws? The background is phonebook pages."

"That is SO cool! Very different and resourceful! I love it!"

"im amazed on how u managed 2 make a work of art out of a bunch of screws. yor the first person i saw whom did that"

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