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James Tyler  New York, NY

'Please Stop'

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About James

James Tyler received his MFA from Hampshire College, Massachussetts, in 1975. Previously, he studied at Herron School of Art, Indianapolis. As a sculptor, he is best known for his Brickhead series.

Tyler uses architectural red clay or buff stoneware, common materials in outside ornamentation. The bricks have a natural ceramic finish, and variation in color occurs only during the firing process.

Each sculpture is handmade and unique. The bricks have an average thickness of three inches, and are assembled using stainless steel pins. This makes them heavy but it also exceptionally strong and durable.

Tyler´s work has been exhibited across the United States and in 2006 he was appointed the first Executive Director of the GAGA Arts Center.

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'New York'


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"That's my dad :))"

"i like the muscle definition. beautiful."

"wait a second, the head is made of bricks... is the woman in question the first female builder?"

"I think it's about the fragility of human emotion. I mean, just cause of the head."

"Its beautiful. I am an artist my self. I would love to know how u did that it is amazing reply back please"

"I am moved by James Tyler's sculptures not just because of the forms, but because he has chosen a medium that is uncommon and adds another dimension and texture. Outdoor sculpture can be enjoyed by everyone that passes by and Tyler's will endure and inspire forever."

"Mono: unless it's in a room special designed for midgets I'd say it's fairly easy to guess the size at roughly 6' tall.James Tyler: Cool stuff, I like the earthy medium"

"Wow. Mr.Tyler, this is amazing! You have been given a real gift, and used it well! What a talent! How long have you done art? It looks so real, and I feel like I could just reach through the screen and touch it! What a gift!"

"I love the way James Tyler uses the body parts and the curves. I think these both are amazing. I hope I see more art like this."

"Im totally in love with this piece of art."

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