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Daniel Biddy  Atlanta, GA

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About Daniel

Daniel Biddy received a BFA from Atlanta College of Art in 1999.

His work, which is predominately collage, investigates the complex relationship between history and contemporary popular culture by juxtaposing materials associated with both. Biddy views it as an open-ended meditation on or conversation with the wider world.

Gradually he has veered towards using the kinetic line, which he associates with activity and propulsion–shifting from the state of static being into motion without losing the focus. He spends an equal amount of time are collecting, selecting, eliminating, and assembling the imagery.

His work has been exhibited locally in several group and solo shows.

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"reminds me of a tarot could do a good reading with this art motif."

"A combination of two styles that are at extreme polar opposites to each other. Op-art that is colorful and precisely crafted; and 3-D found object art in values."

"kinda visually disruptive- but in a good way. You could see it as more than one thing, but still, it's to concentrated to be an abstract. Very inspiring, interesting, and well...wacko! :)"

"i love collage......"

"DADA! :)"

"its amazing OMG"

"Hey! I really like your work. It's great! Keep working...otherwise I'd having nothing to enjoy! <3 Belle"

"awesom art love it so cool what u use for the middle look realy cool cuz it all compact sorta a guessing game"

"I think that this art is one dementional, and leaves very little to reflect upon. The positive is that it is simple and does not require much of the viewer. It can be experienced immediately, and then you are free to move on."

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