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Guest curator: Ryan Roth  
Art Director, Roth Management

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About Ryan

Ryan Roth was born in Southampton, England in 1980 and now resides most of his time in London, Tokyo and Los Angeles, but travels internationally extensively.

In the print media, Ryan is a journalist for 6 publications in 4 different countries (Japan Today, 72 Minute Magazine and others), reporting on art, culture and travel. He’s also been a guest writer for other publications and some well read websites (Fat Cap and others) with combined readerships of over 23 million people. He focuses on British, American, Japanese, Korean and Chinese publications, which traditionally have higher income readers. Ryan has interviewed rising artists such as Minjae Lee (represented by Roth Management) and many others such as acclaimed artists Choi Jeong Hwa and Aida Makoto.

Ryan started traveling the world at 21, living in; London, Paris, Tokyo, Bangkok, Sydney, Auckland and Los Angeles. During this time he was traveling, to understand culture and why one particular artist resonates with a specific country. He’s also launching an online travel website in 2013, which is supported by a number of tourism authorities.

Leveraging his many years of travel and exploring other cultures and the art of different communities, Ryan has built on his knowledge of the art industry and his love of art, to form Roth Management LTD. Here, Ryan and his team focus on all aspects of contemporary art including; curating, art investment advice, public art, private art procurement, art fund management, artist pr and career guidance. Ryan is passionate about working with undiscovered talent, who’ve never had the support or encouragement to make a career out of their art. However he also enjoys working with more established artists and he has been interviewed by both magazines and national newspapers in the UK, USA, Greece, Japan and Korea about himself and Roth Management.

Ryan's selections

Minjae Lee

Seoul, South Korea


I think Minjae Lee is a extraordinary talent, who's developing very quickly as an artist. Selling art work over $10,000 at 21 years old, with private collectors on all continents, it seems some other share my opinion. Minjae Lee is a very special artist to me as I've also invested to help this young artist, develop and grow. In the next 3-5 years, I think he's going to step into the spot light.


Jason deCaires Taylor

Cancun, Mexico


Jason is exceptional. Art is not just about making art, for the sake of replicating or copying. He's doing something unique, something special and something that really makes you step back in awe.


Young-Deok Seo

Seoul, South Korea


I'm looking forward to see what this young artist will create in the next 10, 20, 30 years. You can see a great talent, growing, learning in this young man. If I was to ask you how old you thought the artists was, if you did not already know, I expect your answer would be 45+ and I think his skill is very unrepresentative of his age, which is a wonderful thing.


Zhang Huan

Shanghai, China


Sometimes I like to just walk in a forest and see something that looks like a broken piece of an age long ago. With Zhang Huan, I find myself wanting to see his works in ransom forrest clearings, on secluded beaches and such. Public art is a great contributor to us all and I'd like to see more of his works around the world.


Kumi Yamashita

New York, NY


A young talent, doing something unique and special. Someone to watch, someone to learn from and someone I've been an admirer of for some time.


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