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Guest curator: Patrick Bremer  
Berlin, Germany artist

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About Patrick

Patrick Bremer grew up in Brighton, England and received his BFA from Wimbledon School of Art in London.

Previously a painter, he started experimenting with collage as a medium due to the price of paint and a pile of National Geographic magazines in the corner destined for the skip. Since then he has gained recognition for his figures and portraits pieced together from stories and images from books picked up at the local market each weekend.

Patrick has won the DeLazlo Award from the Royal Society of Portrait Painters for his figurative work. He used to be a secondary school teacher, and has led a range of workshops in collage, most recently at the V & A Museum as part of the This is Bowie exhibition. Patrick has exhibited in a number of exhibitions throughout Europe and South Korea.

He currently lives and works in Berlin.

Patrick's selections

Alex Kanevsky

Philadelphia, PA


The journey Alex Kanevsky's paintings go through is amazing, with entire figures wiped out and painted over again - when you watch them as a time lapse they take on their own animated storyline. The backgrounds become part of the figure and vice versa, hints of past figures push through the layers, the whole painting seems to vibrate.


Joshua Meyer

Cambridge, MA


Joshua Meyer's paintings walk a tightrope between chaos and control. They are calm and emotive, yet the palette knife strokes are energetic and unpredictable. Thick impasto marks become liquid flesh on the canvas.


Elbow Toe

Brooklyn, NY


Elbow Toe's collages are incredible, with a painterly, textural feel to them. In addition to these there are his paintings, linocuts, woodcuts, haikus, drawings... The fantastical dreamlike subject matter in much of his work always draws me back for another look.


Kent Williams

Los Angeles, CA


I have been inspired by Kent Williams work for years now and keep finding myself going back to it for reference. The contorted figures and penetrating stares have such rawness and intensity, you can't help being drawn in to the painting and its dreamlike state.


Sarah Shaw

Brighton, UK


Being from my hometown of Brighton, I love seeing the landscapes I grew up in through her eyes. They hold a beautiful, quiet, childhood nostalgia, visualizing faint memories that pop up and then drift away through the layers of paint.


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